Nintendo 3DS ‘here to stay’ according to Nintendo Exec

According to The Washington Post, Nintendo’s latest handheld is not going to lose support from Nintendo. Many fears have come about due to their recent announcement to push into the smartphone market. Nintendo wants to let everyone know that it is going to be alright.

Fans had simply assumed that this meant that Nintendo would start winding down their dedicated mobile hardware division and piggyback off the already massive consumer smartphone market and simply throw their software and games into the mix.

“Nintendo 3DS is here to stay,” said the executive. He said that they can “happily co-exist” with one-another in the gaming market so the fans can finally rest easy.

The most likely reason for the move into the smartphone market is to capitalize on it. Many consumers like the thought of a Nintendo video game but perhaps don’t want to shell out cash for the dedicated hardware. Then there are fans who absolutely love the perks that dedicated hardware bring and are more than happy to buy Nintendo’s offerings.

Nintendo’s solution to capitalize on both is to serve both. This includes continuing to offer the best selling 3DS which has outsold the Xbox One and PS4 globally.

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