HTC may break off Vive into its own brand

UPDATE: According to a new press release, HTC has denied all claims of a potential breaking off of the brand. This comes after IGN, ourselves, and 9to5Google have taken this information from the source: Focus Taiwan. It would seem that their speculation was simply that, speculation. What does this mean for Vive going forward? Is it positive or negative? I’m not sure, but let’s hope it works out for the gamers in the end.


Focus Taiwan claims that HTC is “seriously considering, even planning” to spin-off the HTC Vive into its own brand. This comes after some people have raised the question of whether or not HTC will be sticking to smartphones, heading into VR, or a mix of both.

If the rumors are to be believed then the Vive will become its own brand and company and therefore would have a little more wiggle room to work with in terms of structure. It can also benefit greatly on brand identity as many would question HTC’s ability to get VR right as they started and still are a smartphone maker.

HTC Vive with motion controllers

HTC Vive with motion controllers

Finally, this would mean that HTC is taking this product very seriously and therefore will put likely put a great deal of resources and effort into it. With the recent Oculus price point being announced at $599, we can only hope that the Vive will be competitive and offer their package for perhaps less to help spur adoption in a growing market.

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