Razer Core external laptop GPU announced


Razer has just announced their latest device that every power user didn’t know they wanted. The Razer Core is an external powered casing that houses a GPU such as an Nvidia GTX Titan or AMD R9 Fury given it fits (up to 12.2 inches / 310mm long). The casing is hooked up to your Razer Blade or an ultra book of your choice via the Intel Thunderbolt connector.

The Intel Thunderbolt 3 connector that this hardware uses supports up to 40Gb/s (gigabits) of throughput. It is powered by an ample 500 watt power supply within the enclosure so it is more than enough power and bandwidth to drive even the most powerful GPU’s out there.


Your GPU will fit snugly into a beautiful slide-out tray. On the enclosure also lies four USB 3.0 connectors and of course the HDMI outputs to use with the latest and greatest gaming monitors. It’s casing also features a nice bit of Razer’s signature LED lighting (of course) to help make it more personal to your setup.

The only catch with this device is that your laptop must support Intel Graphics Switching in the BIOS so that it may detect the dedicated graphics device that was hooked up on the fly. Currently it only works with the Blade. However, this device will likely work with almost any ultrabook you need it to work in given it has the proper support in time. This is what sets it apart from Alienware’s recent dedicated GPU box because it is non-proprietary.

There are however no special graphics drivers needed. Normal drivers will work, the only difference is in the BIOS and hardware of your ultrabook. As long as you have the Thunderbolt 3 connector and the other requirements listed, you’ll be fine.


This handy device should see introduction into the market for all power users within the first half of this year. There are no guarantees made by Razer for support or price yet however it does seem very promising if it turns out to work as they are claiming it to. Here’s to hoping for the future of modular laptops.

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